Meltam Textile
Meltam is a well-established women's clothing fabric manufacturer, built on a production heritage of more than 50 years and a great expertise.

Our company, is established in one of the best equipped industrial zones of Bursa, the highest quality silk thread and fabric production center of the Ottoman and young Turkish Republic. By blending this legacy and experience of the past with modern production tools and methods and sustainable raw materials, we provide our customers with the highest quality fabric supply.

Our company, is well re-known for its reliability and ability to manufacture a wide variety of woven fabrics of the highest quality, from the lightest organza fabrics to the heaviest bonded fabrics in the womenswear fabric range.

With our skilled, experienced, enthusiastic and hard-working young team; We are offering, and will continue to offer our knowledge and products, to our customers all over the world who consider quality and innovation as essential.