The roots of Meltam is reaching to 1960's, to a small weaving atelier which used to be ran byur founder and managing director Mr. Melih Ozeren's father, located at the old city of Bursa.

The passion for fabric and story of Meltam started in this tiny atelier where Mr. Ozeren spent all his summer holidays helping his father.

With this dedication and spiritual heritage coming from the family, he started a textile trading company at the beginning of his twenties, on year 1990. The business started with making contracts with various local weavers and dyehouses for top quality production and selling their fabric to well known garment manufacturers and traders in Turkey.

The production story began on 1995 with 4 owned rapier looms, and continuous production contracts with other local weavers. The first products were soft and delicate drapy satins for lingerie, which then created a base for evolving the production to various types of taffetas and satins for occasional wear.

In 1997 Meltam Tekstil San ve Tic. Ltd. was founded with a more professional approach. Since then the continuous growth of Meltam has not stopped. The company had moved to its first own production facility in year 2000, by purchasing and implementing more modern looms.

Then the company moved to our new production facility on year 2006, by renewing all our looms and increasing the number of looms, to reach a potential of making a higher amount of the total production in-house.

By the year 2010, we have started our marketing actions in Europe, and started to sell our fabrics directly to clients based in various countries including United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Netherlands, United States and Australia.

Our passion for production and innovation led us to participate in one of the most prestigious textile shows, Premiere Vision Paris, in 2013.

Today, we are still making 70% of our production in-house with increased capacity, using our 2016 model brand new latest technology looms, and working with our talented, experienced and hard-working young staff. We are serving and always ready to serve our knowledge, creativity and highest quality products to our quality and innovation conscious customers from all over the world.